Mitchell KanashKevich

Our blog post today is dedicated to this great photographer, contemporary Mitchell Kanashkevich, from whom you can see his work on his website. Photographs taken by everyone. Photographs of portraits, landscapes, daily life, sports, the culture of the sites visited through its lens. All a great repertoire with quality photos…


Much has been written about the self-portrait in photography, almost everything is written and they say that if you leave someone a camera sooner or later they will take a photo of themselves. As in other artistic media, papers and letters, canvases and paintings have served to capture the author…

Miniature photography

Many times in childhood you have entertained yourself playing with toys, now you have the opportunity to continue with that game, and many photographers, as is the case of JD Handcock whose photo accompanies this blog entry, to show how much fun it can be to make this type of…

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