In these moments that we are confined and do not allow us to go out to take our photos, we have options to be able to take photos in our seclusion habitat.

In this way we can focus on the following options:

  • Photos of everyday objects that we have at home (cups, cutlery, plates,)
  • Photos of food products (fruit, vegetables, legumes)
  • Photo montages with thumbnails.
  • Experiment with portrait and self-portrait photos.
  • Photos of elements such as smoke, water drop, candle flame.
  • Practice with the Bokeh technique, blur the background and create beautiful prints.
  • If you have pets you can make good models of them.
  • Photographs of silhouettes playing with the backlight.
  • Play with reflections in glass, windows, glasses or water on plates.
  • Flowers, indoor plants, practicing with the macro photo.
  • Toys and children are also a good option to take good photos.

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